How to write a resume for campus placements

By | November 9, 2016

You must be aware that  the campus placement season are nearby and the “Resume is a door opener for the dream job!”.  Therefore, before going to any recruitment drive, make sure that your resume speaks for you and you should be the one to win the job.

Therefore, if you are a fresher with no idea about the perfect resume to build, then go through the essentials to craft the perfect resume and steal the job away.

1. Write an authentic job objective

It’s very easy to copy from other people’s  resume and is done with regular practice. However,  without proper knowledge, copy and pasting other’s objective is a risky business. However, make sure to write your own career objectives that suit your career aspiration. Therefore, be clear and straight about your objective, your aim, what you will give to  your company and what do you want to achieve.

2. Providing the Academic Records & Projects

While mentioning your academic records and projects, make sure that you provide all the small details including the name of your university, your passing percentage, passing year, etc.  You must be aware that nowadays companies are always doing background verification about the candidates, so all your academic details should be correct. Do make sure that you are not rounding your grade/marks to impress the recruitment officer. This will create a negative effect on your credibility score.  When coming to your project, don’t write long paragraphs, keep it short  to create an interest, else it will be boring to read.

3. Extra-curricular Activities

Writing about your  extracurricular activities will benefit you a lot.  So be specific about the achievements and awards you have received all these years.  This is because, extracurricular activities shows your abilities to hardship, leadership, and team building skills.  Also, make sure to keep your achievements in simple and short sentences.

4. Hobbies

Hobbies are another aspect of your life which defines who you are. You may have a number of different hobbies, but write a maximum of 3 hobbies in your resume. Else, be ready to be asked a number of questions regarding your hobbies, which may become difficult or tricky for you.

That’s all the essential required for you to keeping mind before creating the perfect resume, which will assure your selection.

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